Pioneered by Csl in the early Seventies, this innovation has been responsible for changing screen manufacturing and printers options both throughout the UK and overseas.

Our pre-coated screens are used extensively throughout the industrial screenprinting sector for object/cylindrical decoration, optical disc and many more applications requiring high screen performance.

Csl pre-coated screens are designed to provide maximum screen durability. Specially developed coating techniques and emulsion type is essential in providing screens that can, under the right conditions, produce over 200,000 prints.

No other company can match our level of expertise which comes from over thirty years as pioneers of the pre-coated screen system.

Available on any frame type and mesh count each screen is pre-coated using carefully controlled techniques to produce consistently high performance characteristics. The screens are individually wrapped in light proof paper, dated and come with a four month shelve life guarantee.

1. Unwrap
2. Expose
3. Washout
TO USE: Simply unwrap, place your photo positive onto the screen and expose under any standard UV light source. Washout the screen using cold/warm water and dry. The screen is now ready to print with.


Introduced for the optical disc replication sector. PCF is screen fabric which has been automatically pre-coated with a specially formulated screen emulsion onto the mesh prior to tensioning. This unique product ensures valuable consistency and reliability throughout the stencil making and printing process, eliminating inconsistencies.

The automated coating procedure produces to a tolerance of just 1 micron and optimises the Rz values, resulting in perfect stencil reproduction and consistency of print quality.


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